Sustainability in real life

Udržateľnost v praxi The beautiful nature of Liptov and the Tatras is the main reason why our guests come to us. To help protectcting our nature, a significant part of the electricity we consume comes from the sun - specifically from four photovoltaic power plants. Moreover, as with everything at Three Waters, we have not neglected design purity and we chose the type

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Wedding preparations

Wedding preparations Some guests like Tri Vody so much that they want to experience the most beautiful day of their lives with us - their own wedding. Evka and Juraj, who did their wedding preparations and photography with us, planned it the same way. Since there were more wedding guests than the capacity of our restaurant, the reception itself took place outside our resort,

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Electric car charger

Nabíjačka elektromobilov As more and more electric cars are on our roads, you will also find a 2x22kW charger at Tri Vody . Hotel guests and guests of the Bistro U Medvedov charge via a chip, which we will give you at the reception or in the bistro, for the standard price of 0,40 € / kWh, minimum 2€. The free time to

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Air conditioning – yes or no?

Klimatizácia - áno alebo nie? Until recently, nobody in Liptov even thought about air conditioning, but as the number of hot summer days continues to grow, we have also been concerned about the thermal comfort of our guests at Tri Vody. Already when designing the resort, we kept engretic management in mind, starting with appropriate orientation of windows to the points of the

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To the Hunting Waterfall

To the Hunting Waterfall For more experienced mountain bikers / ebikers we recommend the cycle route under the Western Tatras. From Tri Vody we drive along dirt roads through Ploštín to the outskirts of Liptovský Mikuláš. We continue along the cycle path to Liptovská Ondrašová. From there we take a little-used asphalt road to Trstené, where the mountain cycling starts with beautiful

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Spring skiing – Jasná – Chopok

Spring skiing on Chopok - it is must to try it! In our opinion, the beginning of spring is definitely the most beautiful time for skiing in places where there is still snow, and Chopok is certainly such a place. Spring skiing at Chopok is something incredible - beautiful sunny days, fewer visitors and therefore empty slopes. In addition, especially in the

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024!

Pokojné Vianoce a šťastný nový rok 2024! At the end of the year, it's good to stop and look back. 2023 was a special year for Tri Vody specifically, as we were in our first year of full hotel operations with over 10,000 overnight stays. First and foremost, we thank our staff for all the service they gave at Three Waters. However, we

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Why stay at the resort?

Rozdiel je v ľuďoch! Stay with us, because you will get care from us. With us, it doesn't matter what the owner does when you need something - with us, a team of people takes care of you. We will take care of you before your arrival (advice on choosing the right type of accommodation), personally welcome you at check-in, intrroduce you in

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Win an autumn weekend stay!

Win AUTUMN WEEKEND STAY for 2 persons in Tri Vody resort Competition closed! 2,133 participants have registered for the Autumn Weekend Stay Competition. On 27.10.2023 we drew the winner, who was ALA KOVÁČOVÁ. Congratulations to the winner and thank you to all participants for their interest! Stay tuned - due to high

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Teambuilding at Tri Vody

Make your teambuliding at Tri Vody! Tri Vody is becoming popular not only for families or couples, but also for corporate groups. In addition to smaller teams, we have also hosted groups of more than 70 people who have spent time in Liptov hiking, cycling, but also debating over good food and drinks in our bistro U medveďov (At the Bears). Join your team

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