Udržateľnost v praxi

The beautiful nature of Liptov and the Tatras is the main reason why our guests come to us. To help protectcting our nature, a significant part of the electricity we consume comes from the sun – specifically from four photovoltaic power plants. Moreover, as with everything at Three Waters, we have not neglected design purity and we chose the type of panels and the way they were installed so that they would fit in with the look of the area and the chalets they were installed on – when two people are doing the same thing, result is never the same 🙂

But ecology at Tri Vody is not just about photovoltaics. On the construction side, we can also mention, natural materials, sufficient thermal insulation, high-quality windows or heating of most buildings with heat pumps, which, in addition to saving energy for heating, also means that most of the premises in the resort do not need to be air-conditioned even in summer.

In the operation itself, we use the maximum natural local products (even the sparkling wine, wines and mineral water in the minibar are of Slovak origin), we use packaging-free cosmetics After installing the chargers, we are also ready for guests who visit us on electric cars. Self-contained for us is also separate waste collection (thank you for helping us with this) or locked containers to prevent contact with wild animals. In contrast, it is unbelievable to us how many hosts (also in the surrounding area) are not able to provide or. pay for waste separation bins, and if you look at their websites or advertising materials, you’ll find a tons of words about ecology or sustainability. So, if you haven’t stayed with us but found this article by chance, ask your host what nature and sustainability means to them.

So for us, even using the sauna or the hot tub, or, if necessary on a hot summer day, even turning on the air conditioning, may not make you feel bad, as the electricity consumed has been produced in a sustainable way. Because, once again, when two people do the same thing, it’s never the same thing, and we assure you that with us this is not only true for ecology, but also for other important guests, such as friendly staff , great beds (also from a local manufacturer) or the extra level of cleanliness . Come and you won’t regret it!