Air conditioning – yes or no?

Until recently, nobody in Liptov even thought about air conditioning, but as the number of hot summer days continues to grow, we have also been concerned about the thermal comfort of our guests at Tri Vody. Already when designing the resort, we kept engretic management in mind, starting with appropriate orientation of windows to the points of the compass, through quality insulation to the embedding of the lower part of the buildings into the ground. In addition to reducing heating costs in winter, this has also resulted in an optimum temperature in summer even without air conditioning – this applies to all apartments 2+family, 2+panorama, 4+panorama, 4+premium, but also the lower part of all other chalets and apartments. This solution is a great benefit for guests who prefer accommodation without air conditioning, such as families with smaller children or those more sensitive to cold or draughts, but also for those who want to be environmentally friendly.

Where the architectural design did not allow natural cooling of the interior, we have already installed during construction (or somewhere based on experience until recently) air-conditioning systems to cool the warmer parts of these chalets and apartments. That’s why you will find air conditioning in the galleries of all chalets (Chalet premium, Chalet premium + sauna, Chalet premium + jacuzzi, Chalet wellness), but also in the apartments 6+premium and 4+family. However, even in these accommodation units, you will usually not need air conditioning in all rooms, even on warm days, even during whole the day.

With us, you have a choice, and it’s up to you which alternative you choose. Anyway, we are looking forward to your visit!