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Thank you for visiting Tri Vody. We believe that you will relax and recharge your power during your stay – just like when you come to a forrest spring and drink from it during a strenuous mountain hike. Here the springs are three: wonderful accommodation, delicious food and helpful and friendly staff you can ask for suport at any timeof your stay. We have prepared all this for you to make you feel at home. Welcome to Tri Vody – Welcome home!

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Here you can arrange check-in and check-out, we can advise you on excursions and activities suitable for your family or group trips, and help you solve any problems. Reception is open daily from 8:00 to 18:00, outside these hours we are available by phone / whatsapp +421 905 255 000

U medveďov - Tri Vody Chalets

Bistro At the Bears

Perfect food and drinks – everything you need to relax instead of cooking during your stay. Find out more about our bistro here.

Tri Vody visitors photo


Relax on a bench with a view, take a photo, and share the photo so that more people can learn about Three Waters. We will publish the most beautiful photos on our website. Thank you!

Tri Vody mapa

Electric car charger

The charger has enough power 2 x 22 kW to charge the battery of any electric car. Charging for hotel guests and visitors of the Bistro U Medvedov at discounted prices (ask at the reception or in the bistro for a chip),
until 31.8.2024 even free!

Jazierko na Troch Vodách


Tri Vody were invented for families, so we have not forgotten the playground for your little ones. Of course, there are adults nearby to enjoy the view of our lake, and if you’re lucky, you might even see ducks or fish!

Spring of TRI VODY

In this place you will find a well from which three springs flow – THREE WATERS. The spring / chaple is made of concrete and completes and sybolises the modern architecture of the resort. The water from the well drains through wooden gutters, as a reference to history – such fir gutters were used in the past by the Liptov lumberjacks during logging.

Chalet premium + jacuzzi

The lake and the tub of courage

The water from the well flows through a trough into the pond, which symbolises both relaxation and the beauty of nature. Next to the pond we have built a Courage Tub for the brave – in the photo you can see our brave friend Vlaďka, who tried the water in the tub in the pleasant December temperature of 6 degrees C below zero 🙂

Tri Vody mapa2

Why Tri Vody?

Tri Vody means three waters in lovak languague. One story we heard from the clever brothers consturcting the buildings (they are in the photos) – the three waters are said to be because one is cold, the second warm and the third mineral. Another visitor, whose name we prefer not to reveal, told the story that the first water is living, the second is fiery, and the third is for the mother-in-law. We also like the possibility that the name is derived from the line about the end of the world (first water – second water – third water and finally the fence on the endo of world) from the immortal Slovak movie Pacho hybský zbojník.

Tri Vody Chalets - outdoor night

The first of the more realistic causes is that the site is high underwater level – in several places, springs appeared in the rainy season, which dried up only in the summer droughts. Later during the construction, drainage boreholes were therefore drilled in several places, and three such boreholes were completed in the place where the well stands today – see them in the construction photos. Another story about the origin of the name refers to the connection with the place with the crossroads Tri Vody pod Poľanou. The last known possibility is that there are really three waters – spring water, flowing water like a stream, and standing water in a pond – just as you see them in the heart of our resort!

We don’t know which of these stories is true, maybe none, and maybe all. If you hear a different story, please tell us or write to us – we’ll be happy to add it here!

Story of Tri Vody

Around 2005, a group of investors started to prepare the construction of seven projects between Demänová and Demänovská Dolina. One of them – the Demänovka Cottage Settlement – reached the building permit stage in 2012. However, due to the problematic geological conditions and high groundwater levels in the zone, construction did not begin at that time.

The story of Tri Vody began in the summer of 2018, when we took over the project from the original investors. In an effort to create a more interesting visual, we commissioned several architects to update the original plan. When we saw the design by architect Emil Križo, it was decided – he designed the whole complex as we later gradually implemented it. At that time we also chose the name Tri Vody for the resort.

Construction began in October 2019, when we started building the first 5 buildings in the first row (chalets 11-15). Watch a short time-lapse video of the construction – more can be found on our youtube channel.

During the construction process, in addition to the usual construction problems, we were hit by the biggest pandemic in 100 years, the related materials crisis and probably the highest inflation in 30 years. Nevertheless, thanks to everyone involved (and thanks to the Chief Architect in heaven), we completed the last – the seventeenth building – in June 2022, 2 years and 9 months after it was started. In memory of those who have been with us in all seasons and in all weathers, you will also find here a gallery of photographs.

Do you like Tri Vody?

If so, we are very excited, because that’s why we invented, built and take care of the resort! If you want to support the beauty of the area, treat yourself to perfect food and drinks at the Bistro u medvedov and book your stay by us (also next time) directly through our website.

In our opinion, friendly people are what differentiate an average holiday from an exceptional one. Therefore, take full advantage of the advice and assistance of our friendly staff, who will be happy to take care of you throughout your holiday. We believe that care is not measured by the size or “beauty” of the signage, nor by emphasizing it in marketing materials, but by the real willingness and effort spent for the guest’s comfort and the time spent with the guest.

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