Spring skiing – Jasná – Chopok

Spring skiing on Chopok - it is must to try it! In our opinion, the beginning of spring is definitely the most beautiful time for skiing in places where there is still snow, and Chopok is certainly such a place. Spring skiing at Chopok is something incredible - beautiful sunny days, fewer visitors and therefore empty slopes. In addition, especially in the

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Čerenová skala

Čerenová skala If you like hiking with beautiful views, but you are not a fan of demanding alpine hikes, try Čerenová skala (1.006 m). It is located near the village of Liptovská Anna, which can be reached from Troch Vody by car in about 30 min. You can park your car at the ruins of St. Anne's Church and go for a hike.

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Via ferrata Dve veže

Via ferrata Dve veže Did you know that you can also find a via ferrata in Liptov? Truth be told, it is on the very edge of Liptov near the village of Liptovské Revúce, which is 46 km away from Troch Vody. From the roadside car park you can walk for 30 minutes to the start of the ferrata, which consists of 9

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Cycle route under the Western Tatras

Cycle route under the Western Tatras For more experienced mountain bikers / ebikers we recommend the cycle route under the Western Tatras. From Tri Vody we drive along dirt roads through Ploštín to the outskirts of Liptovský Mikuláš. We continue along the cycle path to Liptovská Ondrašová. From there we take a little-used asphalt road to Trstené, where the mountain cycling starts with

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Liptovská Mara – dam wall

Liptovská Mara Liptovská Mara is the second largest dam in Slovakia, there are many places with beautiful views on its banks. We recommend visiting the dam wall, which is a popular place for cyclists and roller skating fans. While you are there, learn to see the famous tower of the Church of Our Lady, which is the only building left from the original

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Likava Castle

Likava Castle When visiting Liptov, you should not miss the lower Liptov. One of its interesting places is Likava Castle, which is the largest castle in Liptov. This castle is mentioned also in Slovak classic i the poem Likavský väzeň (The Prisoner of Likav). The castle with the first historical mention in 1315 is located on the outskirts of the village of Likavka

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Bike round trip to the three springs

Cyklookruh k trom prameňom The beautiful nature of Liptov does not end on the groud surface, but continues underground. In addition to the well-known caves, there are also many springs of natural mineral water. For visitors who want to get to know the variety of flavours of Litpva's mineral waters, we have prepared a cycling route to three springs. The first

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Kalameny – thermal lake

Thermal lake in Kalameny Near the village of Kalameny you will find a natural thermal lake where you can have a bath in nature. Due to the shallow depth, it is also suitable for children. Don't expect an urban swimming pool or a water park, or attractions or any beach bar - it's quite the opposite! Definitely worth checking out!  

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