Cyklookruh k trom prameňom

The beautiful nature of Liptov does not end on the groud surface, but continues underground. In addition to the well-known caves, there are also many springs of natural mineral water. For visitors who want to get to know the variety of flavours of Litpva’s mineral waters, we have prepared a cycling route to three springs.

The first spring is the Teplica spring Liptovský Ján. After the refreshment, we recommend a bath in the famous “Janska kada” (natural bath lake), which is fed from Teplice. The water temperature is a pleasant 20`C. However, if you stay in it for a while, the sulphate gases contained in the water will warm you up nicely. The gases have a gentle pinching effect on your body. The recommended duration is 20 minutes, repeated over several days in a row has beneficial effects on the joints, but also on the entire musculoskeletal system. If the water seems too warm for you on a hot summer day, try a dip in the next stream, Štiavnica, as the local heroes do :-).

From Liptovský Ján you can reach the spring at Borová Sihot on the outskirts of Liptovský Hrádok by a dirt road. The water from the spring is very popular in the area, and you can meet people from the surrounding area who take the water home in bottles. The spring is located near a small dam on the Váh River.

The last spring on this route, but by no means the last spring in Liptov, is the Žabiarik (Uhorčianka) spring on the outskirts of Uhorská Ves. Be sure to refill your bottles so that you will have enough liquids for the journey back to Tri Vody, along the Váh River through Okooličné, to the Water Slalom Complex, through Demänová, Bodice and Pavčina Lehota to Tri Vody. The length of the whole circuit is 30 km, which is acceptable for a family trip with physically fit teenagers due to the moderate elevation profile with only a few climbs.

A simpler alternative with a smaller climb is to go back and forth along the Váh (Demänová, Okoličné, Uhorská Ves, Liptovský Ján, Borová Sihoť with a return along the same route). If you don’t make it, we can bring you back in our 9-seater VW Caravelle with a trailer for your bikes.

On the contrary, a more demanding route for more skilled cyclists or e-bikers leads from Iľanovo to Závažná Poruba along beautiful roads on the edge of the forest, and on the return it leads from Demänova to Tri Vody via Bodice and Pavčina Lehota along the panel road along the stream in the shade of alders. A little extra effort on the climbs and the extra 4 kilometres are definitely worth it!


Cyklotrasa k trom prameňom

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