Rozdiel je v ľuďoch!

Stay with us, because you will get care from us. With us, it doesn’t matter what the owner does when you need something – with us, a team of people takes care of you. We will take care of you before your arrival (advice on choosing the right type of accommodation), personally welcome you at check-in, intrroduce you in usage of the equipment (e.g. hot tub).

On our website you will find tips for trips, or we will talk to you about suitable activities in person – for example, when we see you in our bistro U Medvedov for breakfast, dinner or afternoon coffee. What we recommend you, we have not downloaded from some websites or photo agencies, but we have experienced it ourselves – believe us, the joy of unknown cycling routes, walks or ski trips is enormous (feel free to go there with you – we also offer a guide service).

We wish you don’t need our help in case of illness or sports injuries, but we are here for you even in such unpleasant cases. For example, we recently helped a guest with a dead car battery. Try to imagine how a private accommodation provider living tens or hundreds of kilometres away would help a guest in such a situation. We are aware that even a minor malfunction or blown fuse can spoil the atmosphere of a busy holiday if you have no one to turn to away from home, which is why we are prepared for such cases.

The things you can’t see are also important: In order to maintain the perfect hygiene of our professional hot tubs without high doses of chemicals, we check and clean them daily. If you’ve ever tried a hobbymarket hot tub, where no one has checked for days or even weeks (believe us, they exist!), come to us and you’ll see and feel the difference! Winter maintenance is also a matter of course – shovelling half a metre of snow daily from the surroundings of the cottage and the car park with your own hands may be fun for some, but for others we are here.

We do this and much more for our guests, and we do it (compared to individual accommodations) at a comparable or sometimes significantly lower price. We think this is what makes the difference between an average and a memorable holiday, and we’d love to be able to prove it to you!


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