The ascent to Poludnica (1548 m) is a moderately demanding hike, which can be completed in 5-6 hours. In addition to the closest start from Iľanov (650mnm) there are alternatives from Závažná Poruba and Liptovský Ján (for example also from our gropup cottage – Štvrta voda / Chata Liptovský Ján!) with the possibility of a looping route. The reward for overcoming the elevation of about 1050m are beautiful views of the Low Tatras, the Western Tatras, the High Tatras and the whole Litptov, not only at the top, but at several places during the ascent. Poludnica is accessible in summer and winter (unless a larger amount of snow has just fallen), and apart from a few narrow spots, rocks and one ladder, it’s pretty much runnerless and therefore suitable for families with reasonably fit children.


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